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Tulasana Massage Therapy
Tulasana Massage Therapy

Your Destination for Boulder Massage Therapy

Discover the harmony of body and mind at TULASANA, your go-to for specialized Boulder massage treatments. In Boulder, massage is more than a luxury—it's a pathway to optimum wellness. With our expertise, we integrate balance ("Tula") and posture ("Asana") to foster a state of well-being that resonates beyond our studio.

Boulder Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

Working with deeper pressure, I address the tension in the muscles that are often overlooked. I tailor this technique to whichever part of the body is dealing with pain. If you are an athlete this would be perfect for you. This is also great for anyone dealing with injuries. This isn't your typical feel good massage. This will help with range of motion issues and  relieving chronic pain. I also provide information about stretching and home practices that greatly increase the benefits of massage.

Perfect for someone wanting a deep and soothing therapeutic massage with moderate to deep pressure. Catered to your needs. This modality is a perfect balance of swedish and deep tissue massage and is great for deep relaxation, increased mobility, and pain relief from those tight muscles. Ideal for someone experiencing stress, tension, and pain in the body. Does your neck hurt? your low back too? Need some relief and a way to relax after a long day at work? Clients often experience a very deep meditative sleepy-awake state where the body is able to relax and receive the most restorative work. I find this to be very cleansing, mentally and physically.

Deep Tissue Massage
Tulasana Massage Therapy

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

deep tissue massage

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Mobile Massage

2439 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304
757-751-5262- Call or text with any questions

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