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Tulasana Massage Therapy


As per the state of Colorado, clients do not have to wear a mask during the session. The therapist will wear a mask upon request. 

This pandemic is creating space that can be trying, uncertain, and anxiety producing. For this reason, I truly believe in my heart that body work is now more important than ever.


At a time when many of us are isolated, physically or emotionally, we are missing one huge component to our existence which is human touch and connection.

During my education at the Berkana Institute, COVID-19 swept the nation, and the world. What I thought would have been the end of my education, turned into a beautiful opportunity to learn about the ever changing safety guidelines and protocols for massage therapy. I have been over equipped for this pandemic and am committed to the safety of my clients and my practice.

I strictly follow the guidelines put forth by the state of Colorado and DORA. I have limited the number of clients I will see per day. In conjunction with social distancing practices, and mask wearing outside of the office, I have recently tested negative for the virus and I will continue to be tested regularly.

​I will also be sending out a COVID-19 waiver to every new client, as well as regular COVID-19 intakes for returning clients, to ensure that I am not coming into contact with anyone who is showing symptoms of the virus.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via text or email should you have any questions or concerns.


All my best, Joel

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