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Tulasana Massage Therapy
Tulasana Massage Therapy

About Joel

Joel Schoof, LMT

Managing a multitude of his own ailments over the last few years has aligned Joel with a path of helping others attune to their bodies, and the nuances of life's stressors. Now more than ever, we need to be listening to these subtleties that our bodies are communicating to us. Joel has been over equipped at the prestigious Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in Longmont, CO to deal with these shifting challenges, bringing about connection and relaxation through bodywork and presence. Joel incorporates Swedish and Deep tissue massage into an integrative approach to suit a wide range of needs. Joel has developed his own intuitive approach that allows him to assess which muscles are involved in the clients injury and provide a quick recovery. He enjoys working on specific areas of concern like mobility and tension causing pain or headaches. Joel loves working with athletes like climbers, cyclists, and runners. Joel offers guidance and tools for you to take home in support of your recovery and development of your own self-care practices. Joel found his niche while working at a physical therapy office and enjoys helping people experiencing complex pain patterns.


Being extremely passionate about the health of the earth, only 100% organic cotton sheets are used during sessions, as well as all natural hypo-allergenic creams and lotions. This ensures that clients (and the earth) will not be subjected to pesticides, or harmful irritants.

Aside from being a massage therapist, Joel attended Naropa University, majoring in psychology and Yoga studies. Joel is involved in continuing education in the field of bodywork to widen his skill set and provide therapeutic support for his clients. Joel Is also in his second year studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at ITEA in Louisville, CO. Joel is passionate about human health and bringing vitality back to the body.


He loves being outside, running, hiking, and climbing. If he isn't working, he is definitely outside somewhere getting himself into a pickle.

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